Monday, August 28, 2006

Flash animation

Mum: "Have you done anything slightly educational today?"

DJ: "No."

Mum: "What have you been doing then?"

DJ: "I am making a flash animation and I'm not saying anymore... it's top secret! I found out how to add sounds! "

Mum: "Did you do any reading?"

DJ: "No."

Mum: "Not even The Dilbert Future?"

DJ: "Oh! I read loads of it! I read most paragraphs but skipped some. I'm up to prediction 37, I think."

(note: up to page 144)

Mum: "Well, today I found out about blogrings"

DJ: "They should be called blogchains because they're actually a chain of blogs."

... and off he went to work on his animation soundtrack...

We wondered if the author is an aspie because of stuff like "I recommend that you stay away from anything that involves Induhviduals" and "I don't understand why some people wash their bath towels. When I get out of the shower I'm the cleanest object in my house. In theory, those towels should be getting cleaner every time they touch me." The guy has a great sense of humour!

Sunday, August 27, 2006


DJ: 'I found out that macromedia Flash MX is the animation program used by the Newgrounds people, so I googled it and downloaded the trial version of it. I learned how to make an object move using a motion tutorial I found at Newgrounds. It is different and more complicated than SWishMAX.

Mum's note: And he munched a whole pack of GF Double Chocolate Chip Cookies when I wasn't looking! Yesterday we had a good laugh reading sections of The Dilbert Future - Thriving on Stupidity in the 21st Century by Scott Adams

Saturday, August 26, 2006


Got some more books from the library as there is a strong possibility that DJ will choose to not join in the children's activities during the 'Joyfully Together' retreat. The plan was to save the books until Tuesday but he just grabbed the Asterix one and off he went - he finds them really funny and loves the characters' names.
DJ's dad popped in unexpectedly for a while, brought some books and off he went. DJ continues to update his website regularly - sometimes several times a day!

Thursday, August 24, 2006


Well, DJ is still working on his website, each day discovering new tricks e.g. how to use links more effectively, how to include soundtracks, etc We've decided to chill out and have a 'no rules - no timetable' week. Next Tuesday we're off to another retreat, this time in Derbyshire
Then we'll sit down and decide what next.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


DJ has been updating his website
DJ: 'I found out how to make the links go exactly where I want them (because there was a problem) and I added two pages, one you cannot see because it's my private shortcuts and only I have access to them by the editing tools, and the other is a 'news' page.'

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Recent Reading

During his quiet moments in the tent DJ did quite a lot of reading:

Tales of the Dark Forest: Whizzard! by Steve Barlow & Steve Skidmore
King Arthur and The Knights of The Round Table by Antonia Fraser
Agent Z and The penguin From Mars by Mark Haddon
Comic Stories chosen by Roger McGough

Asterix and the Black Gold - Asterix and the Magic Carpet
Asterix and Son - Asterix Conquers America

Friday, August 18, 2006

Buddhafield 11-18th Aug

We're back from a week at Buddhafield. This year's Child Friendly retreat was called Everyday Magic. The retreat was an experiment in community living, bringing alive the archetypes of Warrior, Lover, Magician, & King in our everyday lives, through stories from the life of the Buddha, rituals & meditation, with lots of art, music and drama. Bushcraft was DJ's favourite thing - apart from going back home, of course!

He struggled with the whole situation: large groups, sound levels, change of routine, and so on. His mantra for the week was 'I wanna go home'. But he got out of the tent every day when he felt ready and got to play with Marcus again - and some other kids. There were some difficult moments - mainly to do with boys loving to play with sticks and then getting hurt and reacting with the usual 'blame and revenge' response - but we survived it all.

We had some lovely moments exploring unmet needs (I have been reading an NVC book;-))
and when I asked him how he felt after sharing his thoughts and feelings he said 'I feel like I have no private life any more'.

Typical aspie needs are: to be indoors - own room/bed - privacy (own toilet) - comfort - ease - get away from all people/noise. DJ's awareness of the space was either too open - 'everything too far apart, huge big space' - or enclosed e.g. inside the tent he felt a bit claustrophobic, and 'too hot' at times. He also missed the PC and access to the internet (entertainment).

Buddhafield Retreat Day 7

Buddhafield Retreat Day 6

Buddhafield Retreat Day 5

Buddhafield Retreat Day 4

Buddhafield Retreat Day 3

Buddhafield Retreat Day 2

Buddhafield Retreat Day 1

This is the inside of our cosy little tent. Really nice and warm in there! Great to be in nature, away from buildings and roads. Amazing how all the boys love playing with sticks. DJ met some old friends and got to know some kids. It was nice to put the tent up again.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Helping Out & Cells

Chopping vegetables
Taking the rubbish out
Getting the post

Video: How My Body Works - Once Upon a Time... Life
Cells: Their Amazing Story

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Climate Change

Climate Change Knowledge Test: 10/10

GF Corn Penne with Pesto and Baked Beans
Chocolate Crunch

Child Labour video - Bangladesh
Is child labour a bad thing? Or, for many children, the best hope they’ve got of escaping absolute poverty?

People Skills
Sharing, considering other people