Saturday, January 13, 2007


River of Freedom by Orson Welles

Had Edison Lived Today.

"This child's dumb and we're going to place him,
With others who'll always come last,
'Cause his constant, disruptive behaviour,
Is disturbing the rest of the class,
And we know that he needs medication,
For his conduct makes us quite aghast.
After all, we're so busy advancing,
Those children with such low I.Q's,
That they need undivided attention,
And the child's far too big for his shoes,
With his endless demands and his questions,
About subjects we don't care to choose.
And when he's not talking, he's dreaming,
Can't concentrate on what we say,
When we want them all to be learning,
Your mad son keeps on turning away,
So we know that he needs medication,
Get him off to a doctor today.
Just look at his big head, it's awful,
His reading and writing are bad,
Go away, take him off to a doctor,
His behaviour is driving us mad,
And we know that some good medication,
Will work and will make us feel glad."
Then the mother of young Thomas Alva,
Herself a schoolteacher by trade,
With the rare gift of great understanding,
Took her bright Thomas home … where he played,
And she knew as she answered his questions,
It was genius her son displayed …
To those teachers whose minds were determined,
That children should all be the same …
And the stance of those foolish schoolteachers,
And their system would both be to blame,
Had the world been denied his inventions,
Had his mom left them his brain to maim.
And this story is not of just Thomas,
Whose spirit his mother reclaimed,
For the clever, maligned young inventor,
Who went on to achieve such great fame,
It's the story of countless lost children,
Who all, due to the world's greatest drain …
Of young genius thirsting for knowledge,
Were condemned to a lifetime of pain,
By the world's worst invention, a system,
Which tries to make people the same,
A foul system of forcing, not learning …
Of society's loss - and its shame.
as seen onTeachers' Thoughts and a Mother's Actions


mcewen said...

Thanks for that. Always been a fan - timeless stuff [unfortunately]

Anonymous said...

You welcome!