Friday, January 26, 2007

Reading & ICT

J.C. came over yesterday afternoon and brought some stilts.
At bed time I found DJ reading Creating Web Pages, a 15 hour weekend crash course by Charlie Morris. He now wants to make his own forum from scratch.
Other than that, he still loves gaming! He's now into the
World of Warcraft and Pardus.


mcewen said...

Won't be long and he'll be ready for his first commission! How will we ever keep up with the next generation? Or is that what our parents used to say!

Tibetan Star said...

A while ago I found him trying out some HTML, getting all excited to see what he'd written on notepad (or was it notebook? I haven't got a clue!) appear in an internet page... it's great to watch them learn, isn't it? Better still is learn from them - our kids are our greatest teachers!