Thursday, January 25, 2007


Forwarded message from ARCH:

" We really need your urgent help! As you know, we’ve been working hard on the use of children’s fingerprints in school. Increasing numbers of schools are installing systems that use fingerprints as identifiers in the school library or canteen and also for registration purposes. We are at last making some real progress, and there are indications that the Information Commissioner may even seek amendment to the Data Protection Act. We must keep up the pressure now. Greg Mulholland MP has tabled Early Day Motion 686 which you can see here.

Please, please contact your MP as soon as possible, asking him/her to sign this EDM. The more signatures it receives, the better the chance that we can get this worrying practice stopped, or at least tightly regulated.

It doesn’t matter if your child is not at school: it’s the whole principle of using biometrics for low-level purposes that is at stake here. If we simply let it carry on in schools, there is a real risk that these systems could become routine in other situations – the local library? The leisure centre?

Pippa and I have been working closely with

LTKA - Against Schools Fingerprinting Our Children

BWs, Terri


Carlotta said...

Done. Waiting to see if MP does anything about it!

Tibetan Star said...

Well done, Carlotta! That's great!