Monday, January 08, 2007


What a relief! Last night all posts disappeared from the blog - I just managed to make them reappear! (Feeling very proud of myself right now!) Talk about attachment... almost had a panic attack when I thought I had lost the whole blog! Thank you to all that helped with feedback and support.

Today's Poem
Schooling Nature by Japan Pathak
Hey! All you butterflies!
You ought to carry schoolbags on your backs!
And you should not fly freely here and there, this way and that!
Hey! You beautiful rivers and streams!
Do not meander, but flow straight!
And do not make a noise either: flow quietly!
Likewise all you fishes!
Do not swim any which way you please.
Swim in straight lines,
As they do in swimming championships!
Hey! All you colourful flowers!
Wear the same colour, uniform and dress,
As they do in school!

Today's Quotes
"Children who are forced to eat acquire a loathing for food and children who are forced to learn acquire a loathing for knowledge"
Bertrand Russell

"There is nothing on earth intended for innocent people so horrible as a school. To begin with, it is a prison. But it is in some respects more cruel than a prison. In a prison, for instance, you are not forced to read books written by the warders and the governor. In prison they may torture your body but they do not torture your brains"
George Bernard Shaw

Today's Links
Creating Learning Communities
Resisting the Culture of Schooling
Shikshantar The People's Institute for Rethinking Education and Development

Geography Link: Map Puzzles

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