Tuesday, January 09, 2007


I've been tagged by Gill!
Each player of this game starts with the "6 weird things about you" blog post. People who get tagged need to write their own 6 weird things post and state the rules clearly. At the end of the post tag 6 more people and don’t forget to leave a comment on their blog to tell them they have been tagged and tell them to read your blog.

1. I spent 6 years studying at the Gregorian Chant Institute and used to sing in a Gregorian Chant Choir - I particularly liked this chant.
There's lots more here, just in case anyone out there is interested! I then learned to play the harpsichord and love early and baroque music.

2. After more than 10 years of classical music I got bored and joined a Brazilian Bossa Jazz Band. We used to do the original version of Mas Que Nada.

3. I have lived in 2 continents, 3 countries and 10 towns/villages. I have been 'technically' homeless twice and spent more than 2 years in temporary accommodation.

4. I hate shopping, socialising and small talk. These last two seem to go hand in hand - I tend to find them a waste of my precious time, which I value more than possessions and wealth.

5. I took my son out of school - that's still considered weird by the majority, I suppose... I'm a recovering addict: I've been addicted to the whole schooling thing for more than 3 decades! In a 'past life' I used to be a rather strict piano & music teacher... I'm now Healing from the Diploma Disease.

6. I like simplicity, silence and solitude, and I've spent the last 5 years exploring Buddhist Philosophy (Tibetan Gelug tradition).

Now to find six others to tag.

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