Thursday, January 25, 2007


Thanks Fiona for this update on the DfES Consultation on the Statutory Framework for Home Education. You can find background information here.

"There have been a number of indications that the DfES are hanging back from letting this consultation go live and someone has just had a letter saying that they have to finish consulting stakeholders. This was discussed yesterday on HE consult list.

I personally believe that the DfES did not anticipate the level of objections raised and it is also possible that the LAs are saying behind the scenes to the DfES that this whole new thing is unworkable and too expensive.

Now WE are stakeholders under the 2004 children act. What we say and do now is going to affect how they DfES frame the consultation and whether they decide to go ahead at all or whether they severely restrict the terms of the consultation and pull back from their inital repressive prescriptive thoughts.

I think we need to make approaches to our LAs and try and work with them because (sad but true) the DfES listens to LAs more than it listens to home educators and we have to do what WORKS.

I believe we can also profitably speak/write to MPs and local councillors and talk to the media about the positives of the current level of monitoring and the negatives of any proposed change to make home ed more like "school at home". (I'm not saying that "school at home" is a bad choice for home ed families to make, I'm saying that we want FREEDOM to choose because whatever else we don't agree on, I think we might agree that on balance we are not in the school system because One Size Does Not Fit All)

I have heard a rumour that the DfES are also waiting for the outcome of two pieces of "research" into home education (... and )the next round is FOCUS GROUPS. There would be no harm in volunteering - the number is: 01904 433439

And of course the NFER website questionnaire deadline end of January is very relevant here too...the first stage of the NFER "research" consisted of testimony from FOUR home ed families who were known to their LAs and who wanted a lot of support and to pick a balanced word "interference." And all of us who DON'T feel that way need to be heard as well..."

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Carlotta said...

The new NFER questionnaire makes interesting reading, insofar as it seems to be phrased in such a wayward fashion that it is unlikely to access the truth of the matter. I left areas blank and told them what I thought of it in their comments section!

Paula said...

Yes, I read your post and checked it out - you're totally right about it - I left question 8 blank too and left some feedback at the end...