Monday, January 15, 2007

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Carlin - Education and the Elite
Video sent by PigLips

Another video
Animal School
Claudio Naranjo's educational vision

Today's Poem
At History I'm Hopeless
At history I'm hopeless.
At spelling I stink.
In music I'm useless.
From science I shrink.
At art I'm atrocious.
In sports I'm a klutz.
At reading I'm rotten.
And math makes me nuts.
At language I'm lousy.
Computers? I'm cursed.
In drama I'm dreadful.
My writing's the worst.
"I don't understand it,"
my teacher exclaims.
I tell her they ought to teach
video games.
by Kenn Nesbitt

Today's Quote - Aaron Falbel (on “learning” and “education”)
Learning is like breathing. It is a natural, human activity: it is part of being alive. A person who is active, curious, who explores the world using all his or her senses, who meets life with energy and enthusiasm—as all babies do—is learning. Our ability to learn, like our ability to breathe, does not need to be improved or tampered with. It is utter nonsense, not to mention deeply insulting, to say that people need to be taught how to learn or how to think. We are born knowing how to do these things. All that is needed is an interesting, accessible, intelligible world, and a chance to play a meaningful part in it.

If the air is polluted, then it can become difficult to breathe. We cough, wheeze, and gasp for air. Similarly, if our social environment is polluted, it can become difficult to learn. Today our social environment is thoroughly polluted by education—a designed process in which one group of people (educators, social engineers, people shapers) tries to make another group (those who are to be “educated”) learn something, usually without their consent, because they (the "educators”) think it will be good for them. In other words, education is forced, seduced or coerced learning—except that you can’t really make another person learn something that he or she doesn’t want to learn, which is why education doesn’t work and has never worked."

Today's Link: Tagore's Story

On The News

Why the teenage brain needs a lie-in (Thanks for this link Gill)

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