Thursday, February 22, 2007

All sorts

Last night's choice was Troy, an adaptation of Homer's great epic Iliad: Ancient History, Greek Mythology, Achilles, Paris and Helen of Troy, Agamemnon and his brother Menelaus, Trojan War, Trojan Horse, etc

Resources: bought some art materials (acrylic and watercolour paints, canvas and brushes) plus 3 'geography' DVDs.

JC came round in the afternoon: 2 hrs of animated non-stop discussion covering all sorts - from maths (large numbers and matrices) and practical uses of science to formal education, motivation, society, values, etc, etc

More Ancient History in the evening: this time looking at The Fall of the Persian Empire: Darius; Achaemenid Empire; Zoroastrianism; Macedonian; Alexander the Great; Persepolis; etc. Good to have an insight into the history of Iran...

Today's Poem - The School Day Begins
It's Monday morning at 7:01.
You’re still half asleep; your homework’s half done.
Your shower is cold; your oatmeal’s dry.
Your mother forgets to kiss you good-bye.
You’re walking to school; it’s thirty degrees.
Your fingers won’t work; your toes and ears freeze.
Your zipper is stuck; your left sneaker squeaks.
Your backpack strap snaps; your soup thermos leaks.
You slip on school steps; you trip in the hall.
The toilet floods in the bathroom stall.
The gym door is locked; library’s the same.
The principal greets you by the wrong name.
Your classroom is hot; the coat rack is packed.
Your bean sprout is dead; your clay pot is cracked.
Your pencils are dull; the sharpener jams.
Your fingers get crunched when your desktop slams.
Your math partner’s gone; your neighbor is rude.
Your teacher’s again in a crabby mood.
The morning bell rings; it is 8:01.
Come cozy up to the blackboard,
Another school day’s begun.

Today's Link: 'EHE & Travellers' children'

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OOoo yes much better. [the Spanish Inquisition still makes me squirm]