Sunday, February 18, 2007

Mary Seacole

Black History: Last night we watched Mary Seacole: The Real Angel Of the Crimea, a documentary film exploring the achievements of Mary Seacole as a Jamaican heroine. We learned about her experience of racism, her determination to nurse in the Crimea, the role she played in the Crimean War and how she ‘disappeared’ from history. Our 'purposive conversation' covered slavery, racism, self-belief and determination in face of adversity.
Online resources include a short video and this audio clip.

We've just watched "Making Laws", an animation commissioned by the Parliamentary Education Unit about why laws are needed and how they are made. This got us talking about the consultation process of the forthcoming Statutory Changes to Legislation for Home Education. If you're interested, these films can be obtained free of charge here.

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dottyspots said...

Hers is a fascinating story. I was stunned to find out about her (fairly recently), yet at school I'd learned about Florence Nightingale. It made me thoroughly question the way history is presented in school (and in society as a whole), what is widely documented, what is omitted.