Wednesday, February 28, 2007

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'I had to try to glue her back together'

Within six weeks of starting at a local state secondary school De Voysey's 12-year-old autistic daughter had changed from a good-natured, funny child, into an angry, isolated, person whose confidence had been shot to pieces. "We lost her," says her mother. "She was a tormented, frightened soul who couldn't sleep, couldn't stop crying and was demonstrating anger at a level we had never seen before.

"But the (school's) lack of understanding of her condition was staggering. What is a parent to do? Stand by and watch as ignorance and a lack of training systematically destroy your child? There was only ever one 'choice' to be made when I realised she was being damaged by her school experience – to remove her altogether and educate her myself. She was so freaked out by the prospect of returning after half term that it would have been cruel to send her back."

"To watch a basically happy soul reduced to a ranting monster because no one understood her needs is frankly disgusting. The school experience was so traumatic she did not want to go out or do anything. I was left to try to glue her back together."

‘My son is better off being taught at home’
Schools out!

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