Thursday, February 15, 2007

Natural learning

Natural learning

water trickles into rivulets
rivulets flow down to the streams
streams rush down the mountainside

streams form rivers
rivers flow to seas
seas disappear into thin air
rain drops from the sky
nature always flows

the natural learner
hops off the treadmill
blocks artifice
accepts what is
breathes in, out
and joins the eternal flow

your cycles match nature’s
you feel right with the world
you no longer fight the current
you join it

as far as the stream is concerned
you’re no longer moving
but those along the shore
see that you’re getting ahead
you float, you learn, it’s natural

this learning comes from deep inside
it makes you feel right with the world
you’re thinking without thinking
your mind has a mind of its own
it knows what to do
you let it

it’s making connections
travelling new paths
matching patterns
putting things together

you can’t force it
you must simply be open to it
there’s no secret formula
it comes when you merge with
everything around you

enlightenment comes
when you’re ready

you’ll know it from your smile
as you return to shore

breathe in, out

nature will always be there
inviting you to take your natural place
synchronizing to the earth’s beat
mind-dancing in the flow of life

I don’t know who I am
but life is for learning

Posted by Jay Cross

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