Friday, March 09, 2007

Earth & Design

Geography - Tectonic processes: watched half of The Living Machine, a documentary covering tectonic plate boundaries, continental drift, volcanoes, etc

We enjoyed learning that in 1650 an archbishop called James Ussher calculated, "by assigning exact periods to the succession of events in the Old Testament, that God began his hectic week of creation on the morning of Sunday, October 23rd, 4004 BC" - so that the Earth was thought to be 6000 years old until James Hutton in Edinburgh put forward an alternative explanation around 1790s.

We also learned that Alfred Wegener, the chief proponent of the continental drift theory, in 1920, was the first to use the word Pangea. DJ was quick to let me know that he already knew the word Pangea from his Civilisation IV game! Afterwards, he spent some time explaining the difference between geographic north pole and the magnetic pole!

D&T: The Grumpy Guide to Design gave us a good introduction to the world of design; to movements like Classicism, Art Deco, Modernism, Post-modernism, Neo-modernism; and famous people like Le Corbusier. The programme also considered how designer culture affects our every-day living.

Dance Mat Typing
Cosmic Blobs - 3D software 4 kids

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