Saturday, March 10, 2007

Thoughts & News

I was just thinking what a wonderful week it has been. I loved the Home Education Week at Monkton Wyld and found it really inspiring! It was just great to have a break from cooking and housework! I would love to see something similar happening for HE SEN families - more specifically a weekend gathering for aspies' HE families... Ann Fahey was open to the idea and we talked about practicalities such as finding out whether there is an interest out there and funding possibilities.

On the funding theme - before I left to Monkton I had posted a funding application for the local Aspies Parents Group and yesterday I found out we were successful! It was great news because now we'll be able to hire a room (rather than meet at each others houses) and let more people know about us - the idea is to strengthen the day time group and start an evening one for working parents...

I'm also excited about the possibility of becoming part of the Berzin Archives translating team and looking forward to another Buddhafield Weekend soon. Life is vibrant and inspiring at the moment!

Home-Ed On The Radio - listen to the interview here.

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