Friday, March 02, 2007

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2007 German horror tale
"Earlier this month, a German teenager was forcibly taken from her parents and imprisoned in a psychiatric ward. Her crime? She is being home-schooled."

Pros and cons of the children's database
"In December, Education Otherwise, the home education support charity, submitted a response to the DfES on the information sharing index. Parents are being told the database is necessary to protect children, yet IT professionals say the database cannot be made safe from abuse. Frontline staff working to protect vulnerable children have also expressed disbelief that investing hundreds of millions in IT can be the best way to safeguard children. The government's own information commissioner has issued a detailed report advising extreme caution in proceeding with the database. (...) The thought that half a million practitioners in health, education, social services, youth work and IT might have access to detailed information about the nation's children is a cause of grave concern to thousands of home-educating parents." by Fiona Nicholson, Education Otherwise, Sheffield


Club 166 said...

So the state can simultaneously

a) require that you attend their school, and

b) torture your child in that environment until they act out, then put them in prison.

I firmly believe that taking our son out of the public school for 6 months prevented him from being pushed into the legal system.

Tibetan Star said...

I really agree with John MacBeath of Cambridge University when he says that "Physically sitting in a classroom is not inclusion. You might call it a form of abuse, in a sense, that those children are in a situation that's totally inappropriate for them."

Tibetan Star said...

That was from an article entitled
'School inclusion 'can be abuse''
(BBC News 16 May 2006)and it was about children with special educational needs.

Cash-UK said...

I took my child out of school so he could start learning again.

I also disagree with "inclusion" for children with Asperger's. My son was left suicidal by the age of nine, but now has a balanced, happy and very sociable life that he could not access while under such stress from school. He attents an Asperger support group, helps in church, does kung-fu, talks with friends on the phone and internet and more. He would never have coped with all that before.

A week after coming out of school I heard him singing one day. Only then did I realise he hadn't sung for about a year. I cried!

His three hours a day after school of being "shot off" to the world reduced to just 10 minutes within the first week alone. His play time with other children went from 15 minutes to 90 minute within a month. That's not harmful - that's proof that we made the right decision.

Databast to protect? If there was a 100% proof that their database of millions of schooled children "GUARANTEED" they were safe from harm, I would agree. Sadly however abuse is something children suffer even when under the watchful eye of school and social services - even to the point of death as we have seen often on the news.

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