Saturday, March 31, 2007

Schools & EHE

Thanks to Fiona for the following, from a side column on TES (p.20 Fri 30th Mar 2007) entitled "The Truth about Learning with Mother"

" q.5 Do schools encourage home-education ?

There are anecdotal reports that some schools and councils have suggested this to parents of problem children in order to reduce exclusion and truancy figures. As a short cut, some schools have been known to hand out home-education agreement slips that parents can fill in and return to the school "

Well, I know of a mother of a teenage boy with Asperger's Syndrome who, a few months ago, was told about Education Otherwise and informed about Home Education by the LA's Educational Welfare Officer. The boy had been having difficulties at school - as a lot of aspies do! He had been at home for some time but was still registered with the school...

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