Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Science: We've now finished Cosmic Time: we learned about tiny particles called muons and heard about Einstein's theory of relativity, how black holes make it seem like time has stopped, the possibility of time travel, the evolution of the Universe, the Big Bang, etc.

Cookery and History: DJ cooked some spaghetti and spent lots of time exploring the Middle Ages e.g. how to better defend castles, how to build a strong economy, and so on.

Friends & Jobs: We had a visit from our friend J who needed help filling in a job application form. DJ was around and seemed interested in the procedure. All in all, a good introduction to the things people do to get a job!

PSHE: Other than that we've been talking about motivation and will and about taking care of ourselves, and I've been busy translating from English to Portuguese - in fact, it might become my new hobby!