Wednesday, April 18, 2007

School Discipline

OK. What did we learn today?

In 1982 the European Court of Human Rights ruled that Britain was wrong to allow corporal punishment in schools against the wishes of parents.

In 1987 corporal punishment was finally banned by parliament in state schools (but not from private schools) - by a majority of just one vote!

Since then there have been many calls to reinstate the cane.

In the following clips, from 1996, we see this discussion taking place.
The first clip is an introduction and clip two shows interviews with the caning headmaster and recently caned boys at a private school that was still using corporal punishment at that time.

Here it is: reintroducing caning in schools - continues here.

Headmaster: It's not so much that if you cane a boy it changes him, it might or it might not...

Reporter: Don't you think there's something a bit barbaric about hitting people to make them behave?

Headmaster: Its the very opposite of barbaric, its civilising.

What about this? Following yesterday's post where I mentioned the criminalisation of children in general, and in particular the dangers of criminalising children within the autistic spectrum, here we can watch a
5 year old getting handcuffed by Police two years ago. You can read about it here. How would you feel if that was your child? Do you think this is civilising?

But never mind... we can always watch this and have a good laugh about it all...