Thursday, April 26, 2007

Being an Unperson

A great video by Ballastexistenz. Her blog is great too!

Anyway, some time ago I wrote to the local MP, Don Foster, supporting the NAS anti-bullying campaign, and today I got this reply:

"Thank you for your letter dated 29 March concerning schooling for children with autism. Please accept my sincere apologies for the long delay in replying.

I read your comments on your own case with great interest. I strongly agree with you that every child with autism should be schooled in an environment appropriate to their needs. The Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Children and Families, Annette Brooke MP, has pledged our support for the aims of the National Autistic Society's manifesto, which calls for all teachers and teachings assistants to receive appropriate training to best support the needs of children with autism.

I entirely agree with the three specific points you raise regarding bullying and I have written to Alan Johnson MP, the Education Secretary, asking him for his comments and to take your opinions into consideration when formulating government policy.

I shall be in touch again as soon as I receive a reply."

[...don't really believe in politicians...]

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