Thursday, April 19, 2007

Criminalising children

My thoughts on the recent US university shootings, which some Americans see as "another government black-op that will be used as justification for turning schools into prisons, festooned with armed guards, surveillance cameras and biometric scanning," led me somehow to reflect on school discipline and the criminalisation of children.

In a recent post I included a link to a clip where you can watch a 5 y.o. girl being handcuffed in kindergarten class in 2005. More recently, only a week ago, a 6 y.o. girl was handcuffed and arrested and earlier this month, a 13 y.o. was arrested in school for writing on desk. Since recently we've been prompted, by the bicentenary of the slave trade abolition, to explore racism, I couldn't stop noticing that the three girls were black...

Of course you might think this is all irrelevant, after all we're not in the USA. But in the UK Tony Blair wants children to face criminal checks. What do you make of all this?