Sunday, April 01, 2007

Food for Thought

I've just found out that this blog is censored in China! Go to the great firewall of China to "test any website and see in real time if it's censored in China."

On the News
'Children should be taught to walk and talk'

"For the state to suggest that some knowledge should be privileged over other knowledge is a bit totalitarian in a 21st century environment. We are arguing that knowledge which traditionally has got high status should not be privileged over other kinds of knowledge." Martin Johnson

"Access to the internet and access to 24-hour knowledge reduced the need for schools to teach subject content." Mary Bousted

"We have accumulated as human beings important bodies of knowledge and a key function of schools is to pass on those bodies of knowledge to help children make sense of the world." Prof. Alan Smithers

"Modern forced schooling started in Prussia in 1819 with a clear vision of what centralized schools could deliver:

1.Obedient soldiers to the army;
2.Obedient workers to the mines;
3.Well subordinated civil servants to government;
4.Well subordinated clerks to industry
5.Citizens who thought alike about major issues. "



VAB said...

It seems like all blogs hosted on are blocked.

mcewen said...

That is fascinating! [test the website] My brother [a journalist] is in Beijing - certainly messing up our means of communication.