Saturday, April 07, 2007


The Games Children Play
Computer games enter the classroom as learning tools. This programme features two leading academics who support the use of games in education.


mcewen said...

I heard on the radio [I have the feeling that I always start like that!] that out here in the States although computer programmes have been used in the classrooms, that there were no discernible differences in the information that the children managed to understand or retain whether they were taught via the computer or a real live teacher.
I didn't hear all of it of course, and I'm sure it must have been a specific, discrete concept.
The gist of the article was that children who are buried [accelerated?] via computers, don't show any real advantage over their peers.

Zaecus Celestis said...

That's largely because no one has a clue how to design a decent educational computer program for anyone older than about four years, imo.

Dealing with a computer winds up being little different from dealing with a teacher aside from the social interaction.

Gill said...

Oops - I blogged it then saw yours! Not copying you, honest :-)

Tibetan Star said...

Even if you were that would be ok. In fact, I've pinched your stuff on autonomous education and put in my Home-Ed Site - I hope that's OK! (Let me know if it is not)

Happy Easter everyone!

Gill said...

Of course! I'm flattered :-)