Monday, April 02, 2007

Mental Health Bill

Received a reply from Don Foster MP following a recent letter expressing my concerns about how the Mental Health Bill might affect people with an autistic spectrum disorder (ASD). Here's what he said:

"The Liberal Democrats believe that the language and content of the legislation focuses too heavily on compulsion and containment, which can lead to people with mental health problems being detained for reasons other than treatment. We share the Mental Health Alliance's concern that legislation should be focused on patient autonomy and access to care, with compulsory treatment used only as a last resort. This view certainly applies to those with ASD and I share your concern that those with the disorder are in danger of being inappropriately detained due to their inability to communicate with those around them.

I have sent a copy of your letter to the Minister of State for Health, Rosie Winterton MP, and will contact you again when I receive her response."

Mental Health Bill: influence the debate!

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