Saturday, April 28, 2007

Mercury Poisoning

Autistic Children Clinically Proven Mercury Poisoned
"Recent peer-reviewed scientific/medical studies by Nataf et al. (2006) and by Geier and Geier (2006) leave little doubt that many autistic children are indeed mercury poisoned.

For the past several years, there has been a raging controversy as to whether or not the vaccines, has caused the dramatic rise in the rate of children diagnosed with an ASD. Many experts have insisted ASDs are caused by some yet-to-be-identified genetic cause. A paper recently published in Nature Genetics described the results of multi-million-dollar genetics study (which studied a thousand-plus families with at least two autistic children using in-depth genetic screening). Tellingly, the authors reported, "None of our linkage results can be interpreted as 'statistically significant'…"(The Autism Genome Project Consortium, 2007). This makes it unlikely that purely genetic aberrations are the root cause of most ASD cases."


María Luján said...

Would you be interested in a criticism/analysis point by point of this manuscript? Please let me know

Tibetan Star said...

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Yes please, I'd welcome that

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