Monday, April 16, 2007

Money, War, Race

PSHE: History of money, money systems, banks, etc

Social Studies: We've been discussing war as entertainment and the militarization of popular culture, using parts of Militainment Inc.

History: Racism - using Colour of Money Part 1, we covered the following:

* how racism emerges in the 16th and 17th century;

* slavery as an early form of colonialism, whereby people defined as non-Europeans find themselves dominated by Europeans;

* the idea that "the British don't become slave traders because they are racist; they become racists because they use slaves for great profit in the Americas and devise a set of attitudes towards black people that justify what they've done"

* economics as the real engine behind the slave system;

* the way slaves were captured and brought to the New World;

* 11 million Africans were transported across the Atlantic;

* how masters had absolute power over the slaves;

* debates whether Indians could be categorised as humans;

* emergence of biological theories of differences in skin colours leading to racist theories such as polygenism e.g. questioning whether black Africans were of the same species than Europeans, the 17th century 'scientific' explanation was that black African people were produced by the sexual union of a chimpanzee and a human being and therefore they're not really human, but half animal

* with Oliver Cromwell and the growth of the empire, the English start perceiving themselves as part of a superior white race

After that we looked at racism today, with no slavery, is school racist? and re-education.

On the news we can see how these issues are still very much alive today:
Black pupils 'are treated worse'
'Double blow' for autistic pupils

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