Tuesday, April 03, 2007


It is not the fault of young people that there is no role for them in society and it is not their fault that they are not allowed to work, and that the 'education' they are offered is uninspired and demeaning.

The years covered by secondary education should be a special time in a person's life; it is when they grow from being a child into an adult, and they are entitled to expect the best that society can offer to guide them through this transition. Instead, they are often marginalized and segregated from the rest of society. They are denied almost any opportunity to voice their concerns about the 'education' to which they are subjected and they are not allowed to make any complaint about the way they are being treated.

In these circumstances it is hardly surprising that they become prey to problems such as drug abuse, smoking, drinking, crime, etc., but these should not be seen as 'teenage' problems - they are society's problems and teenagers are the more or less helpless victims. It would be in everyone's interest to find a way of treating teenagers with a proper amount of respect and dignity.

...in practice, just one single adult making the effort to treat them as a human being can make all the difference in a young person's life....

Gareth Lewis - Unqualified Education

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