Tuesday, April 24, 2007

RE and Stuff...

Religion: Looking at conflict resolution or reconciliation as spiritual activities. We watched Peace Warriors, a programme from the Faith in Action series about clashes in Gujarat and attempts to reconcile Hindus and Muslims. Both faiths explain that "those who practice violence are damaging the very religion they profess to defend." We've also been exploring Buddhism, karma and Darwin's evolution theory.

Society: We watched "Big Ideas That Changed The World: Terrorism", about the history of terror and organised revolution. DJ learned that terrorism is a political strategy used to cause changes in society; that although violence has been used to cause fear for a long, long time, it was Robbespierre who played a huge role in our current notions of "terrorism". He famously said: "Terror is nothing else than swift, severe, indomitable justice; it flows, then, from virtue." [That somehow reminds me of those who'd like to reintroduce caning in schools out of love for their students.] The first "terrorists" were people in power; that's a good reminder to those who think terrorism is a non-state phenomenon...

Blogosphere: Check out Lucy and Esther Jane.

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