Tuesday, April 10, 2007

All sorts...

Easter has been a busy and happy time: eating far too much chocolate, seeing friends, sleepovers, playing, gaming, chatting, watching films... DJ fell asleep before 8pm! Strange but true!

For me, a couple of encounters resulted in sharing and reflecting about my home-education experience so far, which has been interesting. Might post about it one day...

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On The News
Education failures are a national tragedy
"Many violent teenage disputes - there have been 7 murders over the past 11 weeks in London alone - have their origins at school... Parents understand this and are increasingly educating their children at home... No wonder. In this environment, the idea of teaching and learning is laughable."

Today's Quote

“[an] important and indeed essential social function of Schools is ranking – that is, grading and labelling, putting children into pecking orders, dividing them into winners and losers. All modern societies, like most societies in the past, are organized into a few winners, and a great many losers, a few “decision-makers” who give commands and many who carry them out. It is of course not always easy to tell where the line is between winning and losing. The line is in the mind… those who feel like losers are losers” - from Instead of Education by John Holt

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