Monday, April 09, 2007


"The Isha Home School is not designed to impose education on the child. There is a natural longing, in every human being, to know something. What is it that he wants to know? To discover that and support that is the teacher's business. Anything that you pursue you will always remember. Anything that's imposed on you will never add to your life. This is the basics on which the school is structured. Anything that the child pursues with interest, he will always remember this, it will always become a part of his life. Anything that is heaped upon him, it doesn't matter how valuable it is, he tends to reject it. And so, enforcing that all children study everything else is causing huge damage to the child. Somebody may be good at one thing and not so good at another thing. When he's compelled to do it at the same level of another child, if he has any genius in him for a particular aspect of life, his genius is just generally lost.

Today the world education scientists are saying that if a child goes to kindergarden school and goes through twenty years of formal education, lets say he comes out with something like a PhD or whatever, they're saying 70% of his intelligence is irrevocably destroyed. That means he's coming out with the knowledge of an idiot and he will not be truly competitive at anything. He will try to survive on his two alphabets he has gathered next to his name. So I want the children to grow up in such a way that if tomorrow your qualification has no value, still, you survive. You survive because of your capability not because of your qualification. This is education for knowing and become capable. This is not education just to, you know, decorate yourself with something."

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