Wednesday, April 18, 2007


English Civil War - Learning Zone (Part 1)
English Civil War - Learning Zone (Part 2)

...which reminds me that some time ago we were watching a documentary about the Vikings when suddenly DJ said:

"It wasn't the Vikings that had horns on their helmets. That idea is based in Teutonic mythology. Only the Teutonic Knights had them. I learned that from Medieval II Total War. There were lots of discussions going on about helmets on the forums. That's where I know it from."

It's good to see them learning from games!

English: DJ did some grammar quizzes on:
adjectives and prepositions
differentiating adjectives from nouns
adjectives with -ed and -ing

Social Studies: discussing school violence and discipline

Google Sketchup
Izware Nendo
Road to Grammar

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Pequete said...

Parabéns, D.J.! Quem me dera saber o mesmo que tu, aqui no meu computador vejo os vídeos do YouTube e já é uma sorte! (a propósito, obrigada, P., pela sugestão)

Tibetan Star said...

You're very welcome!

Children are truly amazing! I just can't keep up! They just keep on learning...