Friday, May 11, 2007

Google Game

Saw this google game at Lucy's: type your name and the word 'needs' in speech marks like this “paula needs” and record the first 10 searched needs. Here’s mine:

Paula needs

to be booted out of AI - definitely!

to go! - where?

"grab and go" meals or snack solutions - less cooking?

attitude adjustment! - Hmm...

to enter herself in rehab or something - virtual addiction?

You! - Yes! YOU!

to disappear for a while so she can be treated for "exhaustion" - LOL

help not condemnation - she already knows how foolish she's been.

to stop making excuses - no way! I'm in total denial!

Some Sleep - night night!

Daniel needs

Home - that's spooky! he really does!

time and understanding that he has many feelings - sweet...

to realize that X needs to take care of herself more - replace X with...

to be here - yes, at home, I get it!!!

to understand that there is no such thing as religion or spirituality - Hmm...

to read a bit more of the ideas of Amartya Sen - who is he?

Macromedia Flash Player 8 or above - gotta ask him!

a snack - always!

glasses - I wonder...

to know - Yes, isn't it amazing how that's such a natural thing?


Camille said...

#1 Camille needs bodyguards because too many people hate her (it wasn't talking about me!!!)

#2 Camille. camille. Camille needs to write a description of herself, and answer the following:. Favorite Song:. Favorite Food:. Favorite Inning: .. (no I don't)

#3 Camille needs issues addressed on the level of feelings (wellll, who doesn't???)

#4 Sylvan thinks Camille needs a duck to keep her company, (really? A duck?)

#5 But I believe Camille needs to tell Albert to get out until he gets his act together and after they see a professional. No woman should degrade herself... (this was from a "dr. phil" discussion board, not about me)

#6 Camille needs a backbone, in my estimation, but that's okay - she doesn't make the story unpleasant. (Okay...)

#7 Camille needs a haircut (Camille is a standard poodle in this case)

#8 Apparently Camille needs a lesson in Reading Comprehension skills (that snotty comment was actually discussing ME)

#9 Camille needs to learn that you don't START as Diva (that comment IS NOT about ME! it's about a model)

#10 Camille needs money to repair their old home so she can sell it and marry a guy Dean dislikes immediately. (definitely NOT about me)

gameude said...

where did it say a woman?

google knows all

but not that :(