Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Marshall Rosenberg

"...That's the purpose of schools, it's to educate students to be nice, dead people because that's what industry requires, nice, dead people who will do work without questioning whether it serves life; they'll do it just to get the bosses' approval...

Teachers have been told that praise and compliments will increase students performance. I tell teachers that it does work for a very short time, until people see the manipulation in it, and then it no longer increases production but what's worse, it destroys the beauty of gratitude. Now you can't even be sure, when someone is giving some gratitude, whether its sincere or whether the person is using it as a device to get you to do what they want.

And this is what our schools do because its their job to train people to work within structures in which they'll work for praise, approval, salaries, and they won't look at whether what they're doing is polluting the environment, whether it is destroying the work experiences in other cultures, exploiting other cultures... People who have been educated to go in and put in their 8 hours a day are working for the salary and the approval.

In life serving education the teachers and the students work as partners, the teachers don't tell students what they have to do, they assist the students to identify their own objectives; students don't work for grades, they don't work for approval. Having picked objectives which they see will enrich their lives they work to serve their lives."

On the News

Children damaged by exams
"Prof Smithers, an expert on school standards, says there is mounting evidence that children's self-esteem and long-term development is being undermined by the target-driven culture in state schools."

Schools are now 'exam factories'
"Education academic Professor Alan Smithers said "Schools have been reduced almost to factories for producing test and exam scores. But scores are not the product of education in the way that cars, barrels of oil and tins of baked beans are for their industries; schools are there to benefit the children in them.[...] It is an approach that has led the government to value only what can be measured."

Exams may prove nothing


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