Tuesday, May 15, 2007

On The News

Council calls time on classrooms "...replacing 1950s-style secondary schools with centres where children follow programmes matching their interests...traditional classrooms and timetables will be replaced by flexible learning packages which pupils will follow both at the learning centres and from home.teachers working in the schools will take on roles as "facilitators"... all the research suggested that children, young people, parents and employers wanted "different types of products" from the education system."

Bullied Australian in A$1m payout
A teenager has won record damages after a court found that his school "grossly failed" in its duty to protect him from a school bully. Benjamin Cox, now 18, was regularly teased and beaten from the age of five by an older pupil, leaving him with psychiatric problems, a court heard. Judge Carolyn Simpson accepted evidence that the bullying had led to the teenager's current psychiatric condition and ruled the school had "grossly failed" in its duty of care. She said: "His adolescence has been all but destroyed; his adulthood will not be any better. He will never know the satisfaction of employment. He will suffer anxiety and depression, almost certainly, for the rest of his life. He has no friends and is unlikely to make any."

New schools 'not fit for future'
"Most current school buildings pre-date the computer age and are "obsolete" as learning environments... a report calls for better designs...This included more spaces where children could learn through computer technology and more "social spaces" in schools where pupils could follow independent study in a less formal environment.... school buildings...not fit for purpose and... obsolete even before they are occupied."

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