Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Human Rights in Education

"Education is widely – albeit wrongly – perceived as inherently good. Getting all children to school is then equated with their right to education. Questions about what and how children are taught are asked rarely, usually when abuses of and in education are detected. Children can be exposed to advocacy of racism or incitement to genocide. Remedying the harm done by such abuse is difficult, often impossible.

The main purpose of human rights is to provide safeguards against abuse of power, and children should have a right to be protected from physical or sexual abuse, from brainwashing or indoctrination. Because we learn too little and too late about abuses of and in education, there are few human rights safeguards in place. Their development is recent and fragmentary, hampered by the widespread and erroneous image of education being inherently good." - K. Tomasevsky

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