Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Home-school Germans flee to UK

"Families are fleeing to the UK from Germany to escape a law introduced by Hitler that could lead to their children being taken into care if educated at home. Home-schooling has been illegal in Germany since it was outlawed in 1938. Hitler wanted the Nazi state to have complete control of young minds."


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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Monday, February 18, 2008

Shootings and other news...

'Retrain ex-troops' as teachers
Three dead in US college shooting
Five killed in Illinois university mass shooting
Gunman kills six at US university

"The shooting comes 10 months after 32 students and staff were shot by a student at Virginia Tech University. It is the 4th shooting at a US education establishment within a week. Last Friday, a woman shot dead 2 fellow students before killing herself. In Memphis, a 17-year-old is accused of shooting and critically wounding a student, and a 15-year-old was shot at a school in California."

School’s Out

"NO uniform, no exams, no formal lessons - that's education for the increasing numbers of children who are home schooled in Dorset."


Schools Shunned for Home-Ed

"Parents are increasingly seeking alternative forms of education such as home schooling [...] to free their children from the state sector's regime of testing and targets, academics suggest today."


More children taught at home

"Last week the biggest review of primary education for decades revealed that parents were increasingly choosing to educate children at home. Record numbers of children are being educated at home as fear of knife crime, drugs, and bullying prompts more parents to exercise their right to teach their offspring out of school, an education charity said yesterday. There could be as many as 150,000 children being taught at home as a growing number of parents believe their children will do better away from school."


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