Friday, May 30, 2008

Is Home Education Wise?

From the Sunday Times:

"For the growing number of parents who teach their children at home, part of the pay-off for opting out of formal education is a stretch of golden afternoons, when lessons can be taken in the garden and there are no pesky tests to take the shine off the summer.

The novelist Michelle Magorian, who for the last nine years has taught her son at home, freely admits that one reason she turned her back on schooling was her alarm at the way the system examines pupils almost to destruction."



Bonnie D. said...

This article in no way deters me from wanting to homeschool. My only concern is that my son is Autistic and an only child, which doesn't lend to social advancement at all. I think I need to do more research. Thanks for sharing!

Alyric said...

Not having read the article yet but I would ask if the social aspects of schools are anything but destructive of the personhood of autistics and that has to be taken into account. Not all social interaction are beneficial.