Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Sign this petition

"We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to permit home educating lone parents to remain on Income Support."

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laurentius rex said...

I hope you are not relying on a cyber petition alone.

I was not able to work when I was looking after my mum, but you know one day they will come after the carers and harass them too, the Government does not care if people end up on the streets or starve so long as they have jam today.

There is such a thing as justice and there is a God who judges, that alone gives me comfort in the face of what the Politicians do.

What is needed is a concerted campaign offline which seeks allies amongst the other groups threatened by such absurd and inhuman demands that take us back to the Victorian era of the workhouse and 16 hour days with no respite.

It is possible to resist if a large enough co-operative movement is built in the best traditions of the movement that brought the Labour party into being in the first place.

riaz said...

The Labour party doesn't like home education because it is a threat to their unpopular and failing model of education - or should I say NuLab indoctrination via the National Curriculum.

Most home educating parents I have met hold a dim view of Labour and will be glad to see the back of this wretched government - and the sooner the better.

It's interesting that you mention forming a movement. I am a member of a movement called Dissident Congress that strongly supports home education.