Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Maire Mullarney

Maire Mullarney, mother, home educator, nurse, founder member of the Green Party, journalist and author, has died. Marie Mullarney taught her 11 children at home. She didn't have any teaching experience when she started. One of her books was very influential in home education. What follows is from its introduction:

"If those inside cannot repair the system it is up to those outside to move. Anything school can do, you can do better is my contribution. After some eighteen quiet years of childwatching I had come to realize that school was a time-wasting and inefficient attempt to enable one generation to share knowledge with the next. It had not dawned on me that sharing knowledge was only a minor purpose of the system..."

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riaz said...

There are still far too many parents who believe school is necessary for children to learn social skills.

The Green Party is no longer as supportive of home education as they were around 2000ish. Something to do with concern that parents could pass their prejudices onto their children.