Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tears after autistic pupil’s attacks

"A teacher said she was left in tears and hiding in her school’s staff room following the last of four violent attacks by a pupil. Teresa McCarthy, 51, quit her job because of stress and depression following the assaults by a 13-year-old boy, who is autistic."


How many times are autistic boys left in tears and hiding somewhere in school? If the manifestation of their stress levels is neurotypically interpreted as an "attack", how can they get the empathy and care they need, let alone an education? Do they have the option to quit school and enjoy an environment truly suited to their special needs?


Maddy said...

To a statistical significance? I don't know, but I could sure hazard a guess!
Best wishes

Carlotta said...

Well said. There are so many children (NT and non NT) being so poorly served by the dominant and yet grossly inefficient memes in society. It should be much more of a scandal than it is.

Bihter said...

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vicki said...

Another child suffering in the hands of those who are meant to be protecting him!