Saturday, January 31, 2009

Parents teaching children at home

"Parents are being forced to educate their children at home after being told to send them to a failing school.

Six families are hiring private tutors - and taking some lessons themselves - rather than place children in a comprehensive officially ranked one of the worst in England."


Friday, January 30, 2009

Does home education need regulating?

"No: There is a lot of prejudice around home education, mainly owing to a lack of understanding. Most people in local authorities who have responsibility for elective home education are ex-teachers or welfare officers. They have no personal experience of home education. Many are completely against the idea."

Ann Newstead, spokeswoman, Education Otherwise, and home educator


Thursday, January 29, 2009

The coming war against Home Schoolers

"I knew this was coming. The inflamed, all-seeing red eye of political correctness, glaring this way and that from its dark tower, has finally discovered that home schooling is a threat to the Marxoid project, and has launched its first open attack on it."


Friday, January 23, 2009

Latest UK attack on Home-Education

In this video Mike Fortune Wood talks about the 2009 UK consultation on home-education. "Mike runs the largest home-education website in the UK and has written several books on the subject."

And here's the latest articles I've found:

The Government is victimising parents who home educate

Parents object to plans for home school probe

Thursday, January 22, 2009

There’s no abuse in home education

The liberty to choose: parents who home educate their children, in most cases, do a very good job

Jason Ward, from Cheadle Hulme, Stockport, wrote to the Times Online:

Sir, What a wonderful advert for state education the logical powerhouse Baroness Morgan of Drefelin is (report, Jan 20). In some “extreme cases”, I’m sure home education could be a cover for not just abuse and forced marriage, but for child experimentation, low-cost manned Moon missions and possibly even cotton mills. Oh where, Baroness, is the evidence for this massive flap you are in? One or two cases where you suspect children may have been pulled out early and not taught?

Thankfully, she notes, as did we before making our decision on home schooling, that most parents choosing to educate their children at home did a good job. Actually, what swung it for us were the factual statistics that not only did they do a good job, but also a very, very good job indeed.

Please, can we not give up the liberty of being able to choose between a great state system, a private school or the joy of teaching at home, simply because it is hypothetically possible that a bad person somewhere might one day conceivably manipulate the system, or there might be an “extreme case”.

If the authorities know where the abuse is happening, they have other instruments for investigating, outside of any Education Acts, and if they don't know, then it is pure speculation, and could therefore amount to prejudice and discrimination against Home Educators.

Home schooling enriching

Dr Ian Walkington from Cheshire wrote to The Telegraph:

SIR – Baroness Morgan, the children’s minister, says that, in extreme cases, home education could be used as a cover for abuse, neglect, forced marriage, sexual exploitation or domestic servitude (report, January 21). There are absolutely no statistics to back up this claim. It would seem that the Government just wants to regulate home education in its typically heavy-handed manner.

The studies into home education tend to point to the fact that, on average, these children do better academically than state-schooled children. They also have more rounded characters, as they are able to interact outside their peer groups.

This Government held a consultation on home education in 2007, but apparently it now needs another one so urgently that it can only provide four weeks for it. Is it because they did not get the result they were after the first time?

If you ask home-educated children, they would tell you how enriching it is.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Persecution of home educators continues

It seems to be happening all over the place. In the USA, two bills raise red flags among Oklahoma homeschoolers.

In the UK the home educating community is beginning to feel persecuted by the government's allegations that home educating parents could be abusing their children in all sorts of ways, from forced marriages and neglect to sexual exploitation and domestic servitude.

Under the pretext of ensuring children's education and welfare, the DCSF launches home education review.

What do home educating parents have to say about this?

Are home-schooled children more vulnerable?

"I think it's nonsense. Things go on behind closed doors whether or not children attend school. Schools are enormous now and children are often reduced to the status of a number. I was told of a girl who was discovered to be the victim of abuse three months after being withdrawn from school - but no-one picked up on that while she was at school."

Politicians, teachers and parents who believe mass schooling is the only acceptable model are missing the point, she says. "We have forgotten the children. We talk and talk about standards but forget what they need. When you home educate, the whole family learns - it's a family thing. You really are putting your children at the centre of your universe."

Home truths: do we need yet another inquiry into home education?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Home-educators infuriated

Children's Minister: Home education 'may be cover for abuse'

"But parents' groups were infuriated by the comments.

Ann Newstead, spokesman for the charity Education Otherwise, said claims that children were safer in the hands of the state than parents was "offensive" and "not born out by an increasing number of families in the UK".

Annette Taberner, member of EO's policy group said "No other community would be expected to suffer the prejudice and discrimination which our community has to endure. Our community will be infuriated by these latest statements."

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Home educators angry at review
Home education to be reviewed
'Home teaching' could mean abuse
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