Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Home-educators infuriated

Children's Minister: Home education 'may be cover for abuse'

"But parents' groups were infuriated by the comments.

Ann Newstead, spokesman for the charity Education Otherwise, said claims that children were safer in the hands of the state than parents was "offensive" and "not born out by an increasing number of families in the UK".

Annette Taberner, member of EO's policy group said "No other community would be expected to suffer the prejudice and discrimination which our community has to endure. Our community will be infuriated by these latest statements."

Same story in different papers:

Home educators angry at review
Home education to be reviewed
'Home teaching' could mean abuse
Home education 'can be cover for abuse and forced marriage'
Home schooling 'could be a cover for child abuse and sexual exploitation'


laurentius rex said...

Sounds like a good and proper Witch Hunt :(

K said...

I thought only us American's spouted such tripe? I guess its transatlantic.