Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Persecution of home educators continues

It seems to be happening all over the place. In the USA, two bills raise red flags among Oklahoma homeschoolers.

In the UK the home educating community is beginning to feel persecuted by the government's allegations that home educating parents could be abusing their children in all sorts of ways, from forced marriages and neglect to sexual exploitation and domestic servitude.

Under the pretext of ensuring children's education and welfare, the DCSF launches home education review.

What do home educating parents have to say about this?

Are home-schooled children more vulnerable?

"I think it's nonsense. Things go on behind closed doors whether or not children attend school. Schools are enormous now and children are often reduced to the status of a number. I was told of a girl who was discovered to be the victim of abuse three months after being withdrawn from school - but no-one picked up on that while she was at school."

Politicians, teachers and parents who believe mass schooling is the only acceptable model are missing the point, she says. "We have forgotten the children. We talk and talk about standards but forget what they need. When you home educate, the whole family learns - it's a family thing. You really are putting your children at the centre of your universe."

Home truths: do we need yet another inquiry into home education?

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