Friday, February 20, 2009

Autistic boy was Tased

"A middle-school student with autism was Tased twice by a Carmel police officer, according to a lawsuit filed by the boy's parents against the Police Department, one of its officers and a local school district.

According to the suit, the electrical bursts temporarily knocked the 90-pound boy unconscious during a confrontation at Creekside Middle School. The boy, who was 14 at the time, was taken to a local hospital before being released to his mother."


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laurentius rex said...

These things scare me, because there is little or no defence against them, and there is this subtle creep between what is acceptable and what is not, all the way toward these things being an active tool of torment and torture.

I can defend myself (watch this if you don't believe me, I am the guy with the cane I have in my life faced an armed response squad for real (and there are not many who can claim that and have lived to tell the tale)

On balance I would prefer non lethal to lethal and there have been many situations in the UK where if the police had access to something a little less lethal than a shooter when being confronted by various sharps, and chair legs that have otherwise led to fatalities (they have shot a naked man before) that would be better, but like everything there is the scope for abuse.