Wednesday, February 04, 2009

This petition needs your signature

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to to remind his government that parents must remain responsible in law for ensuring the welfare and education of their children and that the state should not seek to appropriate these responsibilities.

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More details from the petition creator:

We ask him to remind ministers that recent DCSF consultations have concluded that current law, when applied correctly, is sufficient to the task of protecting home educated children should parents fail in their duties, and that the law represents a satisfactory balance between protecting children and the need for privacy and autonomy in family life.

We also ask him to call a halt to the review of home education, begun in Jan 2009. Home educators have already taken part in four consultations in just over three years. New guidelines for LAs regarding Home Education resulted from one of these consultations as recently as Nov 2007 and yet we are now faced with yet another review which appears to seek to erode parental responsibilities. We ask him to remind ministers that repeated consultations infringe the BRE's Code of Practice on Consultations, Criterion 5.

We also ask him to alert the DCSF that relations between home educators and LAs are likely to deteriorate should the state elect to intrude further upon family life.

To sign the petition go here.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget to use the word please when appropriate.

Dawny said...

hiya paula , hope you don't mind me almost copying your post - I'll link to you too x

Carlotta said...

Thanks for the link, AHE.

I personally could never bring myself to say please to these guys.

Tibetan Star said...

Hope the title is a bit better now. After all these years I still haven't assimilated this British thing about "pleases and thank yous"!

Dawny, the petition was submitted by Roxane Featherstone of Action for Home Education (AHEd), I just copied it from here to "spread the news"...

Carlotta, I love your blog, thank you for all your hard work and all the links!