Friday, March 13, 2009

Home education best

"A WEST DORSET couple believe that educating children at home is better than sending them to traditional ‘sausage factory’ schools."


Judge Ordered Homeschool Mom to Place Kids in Public School

A judge has ordered a mom to place her three home-schooled children in public school – even though the kids were excelling.



Carlotta said...

The Dorset family are the ones featured on Deborah 13. I watched it with DD and her friend. I agreed with their reactions:

They thought that Deborah was essentially likeable for her directness and honesty but they were also as appalled by her lack of knowledge about style as they were about her creationist views. Afterwards DD and friend discussed heaven and hell and why you didn't need these ideas in order to decide to be good, (because there are good reasons for being good apparently), and then went on the Tammy website just to get a proper dose of what people should look like!

They also thought that although Deborah had clearly lived a fairly sheltered life, that she nonetheless coped OK with being thrown into a university life style aged only 13. I agree...I thought she was pretty resilient and a lot less disturbed than most 13 year olds would have been in that situation.

Overall, though, the stereotyping of home educators was really annoying!!!

Elaine said...

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