Monday, April 27, 2009

Home ed review animation

Found this animation about the home education review on youtube.


kentadams said...

Let's see, the angel is white and the bad morons are black or indian? HMM....seems a bit racist to me.

cosmic seed said...

the characterts are based on actual people - can't help the colour of their skin it's who they are. Any other perceived racism is in the eyes of the viewer alone.

cosmic seed said...

And for the record, none of the plasticine people are white - the plasticine is all brown. My children created this animation and it has really upset them that people are saying this!

Anonymous said...

Children - modelling clay - limitation of colours - adult warped minset - reading into things that were never there. Adults are the problem, not children who have done a really brilliant animation with a very important message.

christschool said...

Your children should be upset. I try to teach my child to respect people's differences and if your child is using these character's to portray negative stereotypes which their parents obviously have for these people then that is a value you have imparted on them.

None of the plasticine people are white? Then why does the angel have blue eyes?

Adult mindset? Hmm, I don't think so. I'm white, and I live in the American South. I know racism when I see it. I wouldn't blame the children if they did this, but their parents. You say that the actual people are black and indian? Well, is one an actual snake? No? Are your children exaggerating the size of the lips of the black woman? Looks very much like racial stereotypes to me.

Let's get off the subject of racism for a minute and talk about the fact that the children are modeling bad behavior about obese people, most of whom have a gladular disability and can't control their weight. That certainly isn't a tolerant message. If they don't attend public school and are home schooled, where did they learn that bit, that its ok to make fun of people with obesity?

I think its perfectly acceptable to condemn the small minded bureaucratic nature of the assessments done by those depicted. I just think it could be done without the blatant racial and anti-disability tones in the video. Parents are suppose to support tolerance and teach tolerance. The size of the person's lips, their ethnicity and such distracts from the very real concerns that are brought up in the video. Instead of us talking about what is wrong with the assessments, we're talking about intolerance shown in the video.

Let me say this to anon. As an autistic person and a parent raising an autistic child, we are often subject to the same types of ridicule that these groups (black and indian) are subject too. I'd be inconsistent if I didn't stand up for what I thought was right.

I'm a video artist myself, so I can appreciate the time consuming and very gifted skills the children possess to create this piece. Claymation is one of the most difficult of art forms. Unfortunately, the children were taught to be intolerant and the personal attacks against the weight and race of the state employees distracts from your message. Your message was great, just teach your children that to be an effective advocate, they should stick to the issues.

cosmic seed said...

Do you have any idea what the animation is actually about? The characters are based on real people! Ken RObinson (the angle) is a REAL PERSON!! He is WHITE, Viper Patel is the NSPCC spokesperson, he is ASIAN. If you live in America you clearly know absolutely NOTHING about what this video is aboue - I suggest you take the speck out of your own eye!

cosmic seed said...
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cosmic seed said...

As for the snake - have you heard the saying *a snake in the grass*?? If you had the first clue about the subject matter you would understand the snake reference. As for the big lips - what are you suggesting they mean, because if it's what I think you are so wide of the mark that it is laughable. The baroness is an actual WHITE English woman and the model is a charicature of her photo! Go away and do some actual research before tainting my children with your nasty incinuations!

Elaine said...

Honestly Christschool I am a Christian raising a physically diabled autistic daughter and we love this video. Never for one moment did we read any of the smut, you claim to have seen, into it!!.
As the childrens parents have said it is a childs response to an attack on their families by authority figures who made many unfounded allegations against home educators.
I am really saddened that you cannot see the innocence in this production, it is children finding an outlet for their emotions using materials that were available to them.
As a Christian I find the concept of censuring children for not anticipating adults reading into their work meanings that were alien to the children until today abhorable

kentadams said...

Well cosmic seed, first you said there were no white characters and this was based on real people. Now you say that the angel is in fact white, supporting my contention that he was and that in real life he is white.

Now you tell me the baroness is not actually a black person with big lips as depicted in the video but is in fact in real life a white person! Cosmic, your making my point for me. The evil baroness, white in real life, was made black with big lips in the video.

No one is tainting your children but I am tainting apparently what they may have been taught or encouraged.

Perhaps as a homeschooler, you can do a lesson with the children about civics (free speech), the civil rights struggle of minorities in western culture and you can even teach a cinema class about minstrel shows that were done in the early 20th century that look a lot like that video. That video looks like a minstrel show. Here is a video depicting minstrel shows that you could use as a reference:

I'd like to thank Tibetanstar for allowing free speech on her blog.

Kent said...


Either you insist on misunderstanding the point or you are unfamiliar with the civil rights aspect. Stop trying to shift the blame onto the children and talking about religion. I'm agnostic.