Saturday, May 09, 2009

Mum in court for child's absences from school

"A woman has been made the subject of a 12-month conditional discharge after failing to ensure her child attended school regularly.

Ms Nicholson said that when the welfare officer began working with MacDonald last year, she was considering home schooling her child. The court heard a home education officer visited them on October 8. But Ms Nicholson said, after realising what would be involved, MacDonald started making arrangements for her child to return to school.

Ed Cunnah, mitigating, said the problems started with the pupil being bullied at school which led to a loss in confidence and caused the non-attendance. Mr Cunnah said that the most recent problems were medical. "



Chaoticidealism said...

Well, jeez, if you're going to home-school your kid, you've got to actually home-school your kid. You can't just pull him out and then wimp out because it's too complicated.

These are the people who make decent home schoolers look bad...

Anonymous said...

I read it differently and without knowing the whole story we cannot make snap judgements. Did she wimp out? Or could she just have done to have been in touch with other people who home educate who could have given her more of an idea of what is really involved and a bit of support?

The child is being bullied at school and does not want to attend, mum at end of her tether finds out that home education is legal and feels this is the way forward. She meets with the education officer who makes the whole thing sound a lot more complicated than it is and ends up returning the child to school.

possible? no?