Friday, June 26, 2009

Home education news

This clampdown on home education doesn't help children
Fundamental changes to the law affecting the rights and the freedom of about 80,000 children may be sneaked into a bill going through parliament, after the review into home education by Graham Badman (Report to crack down on home schooling, 6 June).

The parenting police
Parents are hitting back at plans for what they believe are Big Brother-style powers to inspect home schooling.

"What [Graham] Badman recommends policing is not simply home education but parenting. Under this government parents are considered unfit unless checked and approved by an ever growing list of 'professionals'."

"So what has happened to the basic right of every citizen in this country to be assumed innocent of a crime unless proven otherwise? Under these new proposals home educating parents and their children will be forcibly inspected, even if there is no evidence or cause to believe that abuse is taking place."

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