Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Home education on the news

Parents condemn plans for councils to 'police' home education
There are about 750 children in Kent who are currently educated at home. Alexander Roarke, a Kent-based trustee of the charity Education Otherwise, said: "We reject the disproportionate and unreasonable recommendations set out in this report for compulsory registration and invasive monitoring. Someone from the local authority is now allowed to enter my home, take my children and interview them without me being present...that is a power that only the police have."

Parents' anger at home education recommendations grows
Parents who educate their children at home are up in arms over the recommendations of the government-commissioned review into home education in England. Home educators are using CYP Now 's forums to lobby the government to disregard the findings of Graham Badman's review into home education. Parents are particularly concerned by Badman's recommendation that local authorities should have right of access to the home of home educated children, and should have the right to speak to each child alone if deemed appropriate, or in the company of a trusted person who is not the home educator or parent/carer.

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