Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Home education on the news

Home education support welcomed
Helena Brydges, who has been teaching her daughter Tiffany, 14,at home for several years, said she receives exceptional support from the council.

"People have two schools of thought regarding home education, as you have the people who want stricter controls and those who want the freedom to do things their way," she said. "But we've had excellent support as the education authority come every year and they've gone through Tiffany's work with a fine toothcomb."

The state should stay out of home schooling
... the idea that there should be no opt-out available – that all parents have no choice but to submit to official control over their children’s education – cuts to the heart of the question of parental autonomy. The acceptance that parents can choose to educate their children themselves if they want to is a tacit recognition that state education is a service that parents can access for the benefit of their families. The new proposals shift that balance of power, so that state-monitored education becomes something that all children must receive – and in the case of home schooling, parents are mere practitioners, delivering an officially approved scheme of work. This means that the scope for parents to decide that, actually, the curriculum or teaching practice on offer within schools is not the best for their child, becomes much more limited.

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